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Modern and fully equipped and furnished apartments situated in the newly built apartment complex in down-town Oslo. Cabled-TV. Internet. Floor-heated bathrooms. Washing machine etc. Lift. These apartments are among our best. Garage possible.

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2 rooms with all necessary amenities. Modern and fully equipped furnished apartment with internet wi-fi, kitchen with dishwasher and even grill is possible on balcony in summer. Can accommodate up to 5 people. Apartment is just in 15 min walk from Railway station Oslo S.

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Some information about Oslo, Norway.

Oslo has a rich history dating back to the 11th century. The city was founded in 1049 by King Harald Hardrade. Hakon V was the first king who resided permanently in the city from 1299-1319 and since then the city has been a capital city. Years later Oslo was the second city to Copenhagen as part of the larger union with Denmark. As a result all the lawmakers settled there and policy decision making was done from Copenhagen. It status was reduced to a provincial administrative center. This resulted in slower development of the Oslo and even the University of Oslo was founded in 1811. You obviously need to visit Oslo and you can find on our website accommodation you like: private apartments or mini-hotel room.

Originally Oslo was a wooden city, but after a roaring fire in 1624 it was burned to the ground. However, keen to rekindle the city's former glory, King Christian IV ordered a rebuild and the city was renamed Christiania in his honour - a name it kept for 300 years.

Perhaps due to these early tribulations, Oslo is not noted for grand architecture. However, much of the city's history can still be seen in medieval buildings like Akershus Slott, which stands across a park from the austere angular bulk of the 1930s-style Radhus (City Hall). A highlight is the Slott (Royal Palace), which elegantly dominates the view west along Karl Johans Gate past the Storting (Parliament).

As the city grew in size so did its importance as a major financial, military and administrative centre. The subsequent development of shipping, industry and forestry helped give it the dominant role that it still enjoys in the nation's economy.

In more recent years Oslo has undergone further expansion due to a boost in the city's financial standing from the wealth created by the discovery of vast oil reserves in the North Sea during the 1960s. This has prompted a modern architectural face-lift, which is reflected in the development of the bustling docks and the lively retail and leisure sector around Aker Brygge - a transformed former warehouse area along the quay.

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