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Moscow apartment A large-size one-room apartment that is very cozy and warm just around the corner and minutes away from the busy Tverskaya street and a 20-minute stroll away from Kremlin. This apartment was just renovated and furnished with style and comfort in mind.

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Some information about Moscow, Russia.

Moscow - a city shaped by history. Despots, tsars, a brief visit by a French emperor, and 80 years of communism - Russia's capital has lived through some turbulent times in its more than eight centuries. Many of these events have left their mark on a city that is forever changing. Today a metropolis of 11 million people, Moscow is bustling with life and looking ahead to a new era. You obviously need to visit Moscow and you can find on our website accommodation you like: private apartments or mini-hotel room.

The Kremlin: Russia's centre of power for 850 years. Every place in Moscow tells its own history - and this holds true most of all for the Kremlin. It was built in its present form by Grand Prince Ivan in the 15th and 16th centuries. The entire area comprises 27.5 hectares and is surrounded by a 2.2 kilometre wall. Grand Prince Yuri Dolgoruky had the original Kremlin fortress built in 1156. Several cathedrals, monasteries and princely residences were gradually added from the 14th century onwards. The last major construction project dates back to 1830 - it was carried out to repair the damage caused when Napoleon's army blew up a number of Kremlin buildings after conquering Moscow in 1812. The Great Kremlin Palace and the Armory were built in place of the former tsar's chambers.

The Soviet era also left its marks. Churches were destroyed, red stars replaced the Romanovs' double-headed eagle at the top of the Kremlin towers, and the imperial Armory had to make way for a concrete Palace of Congresses in 1961. The Moscow Kremlin has witnessed many events of Russian history, both tragic and glorious, during its eight centuries. Today the Kremlin is not only the residence of the Russian president but also one of the biggest museums in the world.

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